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Victim of Crime

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Violent Crime Attorney in the San Fernando Valley

Victims of violent crime often believe their only recourse is criminal prosecution against the person who harmed you. You have the right to pursue your assailant in criminal, as well as civil court to recover damages for any injuries you may have suffered. For over 20 years, Mr. Weissman has represented clients that were victims of violent crime including patrons beaten or injured at a bar or restaurant, women who have been battered or beaten, and children who have been sexually molested. Different types of violent crime can include:

  • Assault
  • Battery
  • Sexual Assault
  • Domestic Violence
  • Property Crime
  • Firearm Crimes
  • Reckless Driving
  • Child Molestation


Being a victim of a violent crime is traumatic and can cause mental stress on top of any physical pain that may have occurred during the event. Victimization can make you feel overwhelmingly powerless. Pursuing action through the court system can act as a form of organized and controlled reprisal. Each case is different and each client unique, which means justice is subjective and depends entirely on what you hope the outcome will be.

The FBI reported approximately 153,709 violent crimes in California in 2017 and 947,192 property crimes that same year. A victim of violent crime may not immediately receive the help they need, such as emergency financial assistance, mental health counseling, or guidance through the legal system.

After a violent crime occurs, you have the right to swift justice and help in your time of need. You deserve access to safety, protection, information, support, and continuity. You also deserve to be empowered in order to feel comfortable sharing what occurred. The Weissman Law Firm can help answer your questions and determine your best course of action so that you or your loved ones can get justice.


As a victim of violent crime, you have options in how you choose to pursue the assailant. Instead of relying solely on the criminal court system, you can choose to also pursue justice through civil court.

The government generally brings cases against a defendant in the criminal court system, while citizens can bring lawsuits against one another in civil court. The criminal justice system requires the prosecutor convince 12 jurors that the defendant acted “beyond a reasonable doubt.” In a civil suit, the burden of proof is much less taxing, requiring a majority of jurors to agree that a majority of evidence exists.  


The criminal court system can result in the assailant paying a fine, spending time on probation, or being sentenced to time in jail. In the civil justice system, the assailant may be sentenced to recompensating the victim's damages. Victims of violent crimes, whether child molestation or a shooting, domestic violence or an unprovoked attack may suffer permanent physical or psychological trauma. It is important that you receive full and fair financial compensation for any treatments, loss of wages, loss of future earnings, and pain or suffering you have experienced.  


A good attorney understands how to keep expectations realistic for their client while also aggressively pursuing their client's needed justice. Weissman and Associates has the experience to walk you through the different variables at work in your case based on your situation's specific conditions. Contact us for a free consultation.  

National Crime Victims' Rights Week 2018

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