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Personal Injuries

Personal Injury Attorney in the San Fernando Valley

You are entitled to compensation. During the initial incident, you may not think of the ramifications of your accident: will you be reimbursed for medical expenses, for loss of earnings, for your emotional distress?

Injured in an Accident and Lost Wages?  

You deserve compensation from the responsible party. You cannot assume an insurance company will assist you. Weissman and Associates will help you understand your rights.

Do You Have a Personal Injury Claim?

There are many different kinds of personal injury claims in Los Angeles. Personal injury is based on legal framework that helps victims recover compensation for their injuries while also seeking justice. When considering whether you have a claim, it is important to understand whether your injury claim covers the fundamental issues of liability and damages. The most common types are:

  • Motor Vehicle Accidents can involve cars, trucks, motorcycles, pedestrians, and even bike riders
  • Wrongful Death describes when a person may have been killed due to another person's carelessness
  • Workplace Accidents regard a person injured or killed while working for their employer
  • Premises Liability is often an accident caused by dangerous conditions or a defect on another person's private or commercial property  
  • Products Liability can cause serious injury in a home, public place, or work

What Is Your Personal Injury Case Worth?

The value of your personal injury case may vary depending on the damages, injuries, and emotional distress you incurred. Damages may be awarded for issues such as your pain and suffering, loss of income, loss of earning capacity, medical bills, or mental anguish. Courts may also award punitive damages in certain situations, which occurs when the court finds the wrongful behavior of a defendant exceedingly shameful.

Every case has a different value and every case is specific to the facts based on what occurred. A lawyer must keep expectations realistic for their client and explain the possibilities of your case based on our experience; for example, different perspectives, information, or angles may have worked for previous cases based on the different conditions for that particular case.

How Long Will Your Personal Injury Case Take?

Just like every claim is different in its value, every personal injury case is different in how long it will take. Some personal injury cases can settle quickly. Other personal injury cases may take years to conclude. The difference between the two depends mainly on who you are dealing with as a defendant. An insurance company may try to settle your claim for pennies on the dollar.

A company with a defective product may choose to drag the case to trial. Working with an experienced attorney can help keep an appropriate balance of expectations and hopes with the reality of the legal system. Weissman and Associates are aggressive advocates and litigants who work to obtain the best outcome and obtain the goals that matter most to you.

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