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Business Law

Business Law and Litigation Lawyer in the San Fernando Valley

Modern business is complex and issues can arise, whether you have an established company or are just getting your startup off the ground. Finding an attorney with the right experience can ensure you project your company, intellectual property, assets, and future.

What You Should Know About Business Law and Litigation

Numerous scenarios can result in business litigation and stem from different legal issues across every industry, business, or business relationship. Some of the most common types of business litigation include:

  • Breach of Contract
  • Fraud Disputes
  • Breach of Fiduciary Duty
  • Non-Compete Issues
  • Regulatory Investigations
  • Intellectual Property Disputes
  • Insurance Coverage Disputes
  • Trade Secret Disputes
  • Partnership Disputes


Commercial and business relationships can take a turn at times and litigation may occur when disputes arise out of an establishment's claim against a group of individuals, a government entity, or another company. Not only does business litigation affect a company's bottom line but it can also damage your reputation, while also increasing expenses.

Many business owners often wait for legal disputes rather than contemplate the possibility before one arises. Others may make decisions based on fear or threat of litigation. It is imperative to hire an attorney who can effectively and adeptly handle a dispute with your company's best interest at heart, who understands the company's bottom line from inception to execution.


How you arrange your business or organization can affect you. You will not know whether you need legal advice until you find a mistake in your structure or performance. It is important to always have extensive knowledge and experience at hand in order to fix a mistake or receive the necessary advice to get the outcome you prefer the first time.

Your personal assets may be directly affected based upon the type of entity you create and the actions the company or organization takes. The right legal counsel can give you advice on the proper structure for ensuring you follow the correct guidelines, have the right documents, or follow the important procedure to protect yourself, as well as your company or organization.  

How do you do Business?

Are you a sole proprietor or operating under a fictitious name? Are you a corporation (“C” or “S”)? A Limited Liability Company or a Limited Liability Partnership? Do you have the appropriate documentation for your business? Are you working on a Startup?

The type of business you are creating or are running could have a direct impact on the type of legal advice and protection you require. You must prepare for disputes, notify your legal advisor immediately if a lawsuit is brought or threatened, and understand that your attorney is there to provide advice and support for the benefit of your company or organization.

Your organization or company and its practices can be vulnerable to potential legal issues. Consult with Weissman Law Firm to determine the best structure and documentation to operate your business and to protect you! 

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Record of Success

Approximately 10 years ago, Mr. Weissman represented a local Los Angeles business that had been sued in a case for patent infringement. The case was successfully defended. He handled a case of malicious prosecution representing the company against a Fortune 500 Corporation that brought the original lawsuit against his client. A verdict of $6,000,000.00 was obtained and affirmed by the court of appeal.

Recently, he repeated his success when representing a local Los Angeles company that had secured a defense verdict in a patent infringement lawsuit. Mr. Weissman prosecuted an action for malicious prosecution in Orlando, Florida for that company against Dow Chemical. A verdict was awarded for $4.45 million. The United States Court of Appeal for the Eleventh District affirmed the verdict in June of 2010.

In a true David v. Goliath case, Mr. Weissman represented a California woman against a recording mogul and studio to recover monies owed. She was cut out of the industry and publicly defamed by the same person. Mr. Weissman helped ensure his client was awarded and received a judgement of $107 million.

Mr. Weissman handled and obtained a defense verdict for a real estate broker in a claim of breach of contract and professional negligence. The buyer had sued the original seller for a piece of commercial property for specific performance. The seller filed its action against their broker. The defense verdict in favor of Mr. Weissman's client was affirmed on appeal. Mr. Weissman also obtained a judgement against the seller for attorney's fees of defending the action and the appeal.

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