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Business and Contracts Part 2

Find Help with the Business Law and Contracts Prepare Kit 

The law firm of Weissman and Associates is committed guiding you through the process of protecting your business, your assets, and those around you when building or running a business in Los Angeles and the greater Southern California area.

This eBook comes at no cost to you.. The information is an invaluable resource for understanding the steps you need to take and in what order you should take them when running a business or working with contracts. Get the information you want and need on the right steps for building your business with insight into business law and contracts in Woodland Hills, Los Angeles, and Southern California. 


Mr. Weissman wrote the Los Angeles Business and Contracts Prepare Kit to provide present and future business owners with the best ways for reviewing your business contracts. Contracts are an essential function of any business but often use nuanced language that complicates the substance. That is why this eBook is valuable to you; it gives you information on how you can review and shape any contract to help your business and protect your future. The eBook includes key information on insights like:

  • What you should actually focus on in your contracts
  • How to Conduct a contract review
  • What are the most important pressure points 
  • Where and if you should compromise 
  • Understanding your what, why, and how
  • Unfair practices within contract writing
  • How a lawyer can help
Business and Contract Prepare Kit Part 2

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